The Pursuit of Positivity

“We become what we think about”

Emily Nightingale

Reality Check…

Let’s face it, we are swimming daily in a sea of negativity.

From the 24-hour news cycles; to our social media feeds and to the voice in our head, it creates a drain on our ability to feel joy, be creative and can impact our mental health.

Constant negativity fuels anxiety, depression and many other not so great things. It also becomes a pattern, where you are getting fixated on thinking about worse case situations and when anything difficult emerges, no matter how small, you tie it to “see that is what I was talking about”, which reinforces our negative self-talk,

This creates an environment of a “self-fulfilling prophesy” where the things your speaking into existence are not reinforcing your potential but succumbing to believing the limits you have put on yourself by listening to others’ negativity.

Meaningful changes…

So how do you purge the negativity and transition to a positive and mentally healthy life? How do you take meaningful steps towards shifting your mindset?

Here are a few things that can help you shift your mindset:

1. Catalog your social media by looking closely at who your following and the content you’re consuming. Unfollow negative voices and content. Also, look at the input of those posting on perfection: lives, looks, career and recognize that those are unrealistic and you shouldn’t spend time comparing yourself to anyone else. You the best you and the only you.

2. Catalog the people your spending the most time with. Are they uplifting and positive or complain and make you feel bad about yourself and others? Purge the negative relationships and forge new ones. This also applies to family members.

3. Start adding positive content to your social feeds. Feeing your mind with possibilities

4. Spend time meditating and looking internally for what your passionate about. Find yourself again.

5. Incorporate exercise or walking into your life.

6. Create a positive affirmation statement that you repeat 3x a day.

7. Commit to 30 days of adding positive influences into your life daily.

8. Take a step forward each day to say one nice thing to yourself and one nice thing to someone else. Also, smile a lot. The more you smile the happier you will be as your endorphins will be higher.

9. Find a positive buddy who will lift you up, share constructive input and be committed to you progress.

10. Work hard to ignore negative input where nothing is to be gained. When people are constantly negative it speaks more to them than you.

When you first start to move towards this shift, it is going to be hard. Years of reinforcement have set in and at first, it is a constant conscious effort. You will feel uncomfortable when you are first around people who honestly are positive. However, the more you experience it, the easier it gets and the more successful you will become. The other thing you will notice is that when you are around negative people, the constant complainers, the ones that only see awful, you will have a physical repulsion for is and politely excuse yourself. It honestly will be that pronounced.

Negativity is so powerful at holding you back, that once you break the stronghold and speak positivity into existence, you will be amazed how your life will change and in so many unexpected ways. New doors will open, you will meet new types of people and you will move towards being optimistic and grateful.

Positivity is an Art, you have to work at its craft. The effort is worth it and when you seed it into your very being, you will stop comparing yourself to others and you will emerge as the powerfully unique individual that you are.

Women worry A LOT and we often see all the negative things around us. Breaking this habit, and innate feelings are super hard. However, YOU ARE WORTH IT. Joy is a state of being for us all and being positively minded will bring you newfound hope that YES YOU CAN!

The power of hope…

My Nana was in London through the blitz. She was constantly immersed in the threat of a bomb dropping or someone not making it home from the war. I can’t imagine a more negative and frightening existence. But through hope and perseverance, she stayed mentally strong and optimistic that the war would be won. That hope was all around her in London as people worked to get on with living, loving and being supportive to others.

Hope for a better future fuels positivity and optimism. When coupled with belief that it can be, it becomes a powerful formula for success, happiness, and joy.

Final thoughts …

I have spent a lot of years not being mindful to ensure I was feeding myself powerful doses of positivity.

Life grinds you down and one day you realize your swimming in other people’s toxic soup.

Remembering that we have only one life, why waste it with constant negativity, worry, self-doubt. I know that many of you have been through trials that make it so hard to lift up! But you can change your mindset, I believe in you and I know in 2020 you can make a life altering change. I know it is so freaking hard some days, you just have to find one little positive thing each day, and add on the next. Like: the sun is shining, the bus arrived on time, my kid said thank you, work was ok, I walked 1/4 mile, someone actually looked at me with a smile… there are endless things we can look to as positive input.

Here’s the thing, the climb back to my inner fire of positivity is what motivated me to write this blog and has become my passion project.

What you put out into the world comes back ten folds. I want people to feel that they have a right to positivity, happiness and joy. That they can change their mindset, their very life, that they can have impact and they can be all that they set out to be. It is not about being so optimistic that you can’t face reality, it is about shifting your expectations of your life to be more.

We become what we feed our minds, so feed it light and hope and love and belief and positivity. Life is absolutely too short to not give it your all.

You are the best you there ever could be. This moment is the best one you have had and tomorrow will be even better. Remember to Shine Brightly!


Published by Samantha

I am a fierce advocate for women, and men, especially in business. I want you bright wonderfully talented people to find your voice, be confident and change the system from within.

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