Gearing up for 2020…Let’s Go!

Everybody has goals, aspirations or whatever, and everybody has been at a point in their life where nobody believed in them.


Reflecting on 2019 and the passing of a decade...

We are in the final days of ending the year, but also ending a decade. When you look back on the last ten years, have you achieved your goals? Have you discovered your passion or your inner fire?

I can’t say that I have achieved all I set out to do in the past ten years. I got lost somewhere in there along the path of life. I think about five (5) years into the decade. 🤦‍♀️

It wasn’t until mid-2018 that I began to lift my head and find my way back towards what I am passionate about.

I took out some old personality profiles, did the soul searching thing, and realized that helping others shine and unlock their true potential, is my passion.

So why not engage on a much bigger platform than just at work and pursue my passion more directly to help more people shine?

We all need more than one avenue to build our energy, and although I was excited about the work I was doing, it wasn’t completing the whole of me.

It is so easy to get sidetracked. To get into the day to day, feeling like activity is progress when, in reality, it is just activity.

My core wiring is usually so over the top goal-oriented that I was surprised, to realize, how I had unconsciously been setting small localized goals and hadn’t been pushing harder for larger, more expansive ones. What a fake-out! 🤦‍♀️

Getting into gear…

Over the past two (2) years, I have invested time into my health by losing weight, increasing exercise, and getting back to the core of who I am, through meditation and faith.

I have cast off negative input as much as possible and focused on my entire well-being. This was a capacity building cleansing if you will, so I could take on much more of the things I wanted to do with my discretionary energy.

The wake-up call was not a smack in the head; it was more of a constant set of nudges by those around me.

I am extremely GRATEFUL to those that nudged me and for their care for me. It sunk in profoundly and helped me get re-focused.

Here are a few things they nudged me on:

  1. Just try yoga… after A LOT of resistance, I did try it, and I loved it. The flow of movements, not the actual stretching at first 🙄, but now I like both. It is the process for me and the state of being present that does it. Frees up my mind
  2. Meditate for 10 minutes… I have shared this in my other posts so I won’t go into it more here, but it is a game-changer!
  3. Get rid of carbs, or at least most cause you do need some carbs… another game changer and one I resisted for a long time. I never met a carb I didn’t like. By moving to a low carb diet, I lost weight and increased energy. It also cleared the feeling of sluggish brain
  4. Exercise… I hate to exercise, I blame my British roots, honestly we can’t build muscle, we just build fat fast… but alas, I tried and started walking. I have worked up to 7-10 miles a day. Coupled with my diet it has been amazing
  5. Breathing… like meditation, learning to breathe is essential…yoga and meditation both teach you to breathe. When I am stressed I breathe… slowing my mind down and then step forward

Being ready to Jump into 2020…

Now that your back on center and have a clear space to create your dreams, it’s time to gear up for 2020.

Get back to setting stretch goals. Ones that make you uncomfortable and challenge you to continue to grow.

This blog has been one thing I committed to as a stretch goal this year, and it sure has stretched me beyond what I thought I was capable of.

I started with a big leap of faith, a lot of internal pep talk and a strong commitment to put out content weekly, that I prayed would resonate and help at a minimum just one person.

When creating goals, I use the S.M.A.R.T framework. It is super simple, and it helps with clarity. Anyone can use this at any time and any phase of life.

Here is the framework:

– Specific (simple, sensible, significant).

– Measurable (meaningful, motivating).

– Achievable (agreed, attainable).

– Relevant (reasonable, realistic, and resourced, results-based).

– Time bound (time-based, time-limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive).

Work to set 3 -5 goals for 2020.

Let yourself be flexible to have them evolve through the year, and make them a stretch. Once you have a goal, you can then make a plan to action it.

You will know your goals are a stretch if you feel uncomfortable and have no clear idea of how you will achieve them.

Balance that feeling of discomfort, with thinking about the steps to activate the goal, which helps with ensuring your paying attention to the “R”. They have to be realistic.

Start 2020 with momentum and reflection throughout the year.

For my female readers, I will caution you to spend time thinking about the “R” as you set your goals.

Women tend to create goals that are focused on others or oversubscribe their time and efforts. So, the activity is to focus on 3-5 S.M.A.R.T goals, with at least one just for you. Whether that goal is personal or professional, it doesn’t matter.

I encourage you to have one selfish, big ambitious goal for yourself. And then share it with your family, friends, colleagues, whoever, and ask for their support. 🙌🙌

For my male readers, I want you to focus on the “R,” too! Make your goals realistic and not competitive with anyone but yourself. You’re not measured against anyone else; your success is precisely right for you. So take care to ensure your goals are realistic because I already know they will be ambitious 🤗

Final Thoughts…

These goals are for you and can also be ones you share in with others. There are no right or wrong ones. It is a way to hold yourself accountable and to build towards your future.

Whether the goals are health, wellness, career, family, or any combination of these, you will find great ease to your daily world when you have a clear direction.

I believe that we can speak things into existence by keeping the goals in front of us, speaking them out loud, and even celebrating when we make meaningful progress towards the goal. That old saying of “baby steps” is relevant here.

If you are afraid you won’t achieve a goal, so you don’t set it, know that your fear is a good indicator that the goal is stretching you. That is awesome and a great place to start. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Michael Jordan

I sure was fearful of putting my writing online, open to the world to read, but I knew it was a goal I needed to have to move forward with where I wanted to go.

So here is one of my smart goals for 2020:

“Grow my Blog audience 50% by the end of 2020.”

This is a stretch goal as I have to put out meaningful content and also grow my social media followers. And that is all new territory for me. So help a girl out and share my blog with others. 😂😂

Be bold, be fearless, set your sights on a fantastic 2020, and Shine Brightly!


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