Creating the Capacity for Change

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”

― Roy T. Bennett

This is the January article I wrote for Emerging Women NC, a division of BJD Leadership.

Increasing the momentum of change…

About ten years ago, in a leadership course, the facilitator made the statement that “the only constant in life is change.” At the time, all the leaders in that class thought that the changes we were experiencing were going extremely fast and really couldn’t get any faster.

I look back now and think, WOW that wasn’t fast at all.

The pace of change is relative, as changes are happening more rapidly year over year, the wisdom from that facilitator is applicable today and into the future. How we prepare and accept that change is a constant, will aid us in navigating the significant growth we need in our careers.

Creating flexibility to change…

This month, we are exploring how to stay open to change and being bendable. Change is a constant; it will:

• Continue to challenge you to expand your world and understanding

• Continue to cause you to shift your mindset

• can cause you to feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

As we ride the seas of change, at increasing speeds, self-care is essential for balance.

To be adaptive to whatever life throws at you, having an agile approach helps build resiliency. When you construct your mindset as a framework, you can know what the boundaries are, as well as the degrees of freedom you have to bend and flex to the changes.

Tips to increase capacity to become more bendable…

As you practice the craft of being bendable in the midst of constant change, the following are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Understand that even though change can be uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be scary or filled with fear. Your emotions can range from denial to acceptance. You choose your path through change, and it is entirely normal.

2. Take time each morning to check in with yourself emotionally. Are you overwhelmed, excited, frustrated, or some other feeling. When we focus on the tasks that we have, we distance ourselves from our emotions and end up coping. This increases our stress.

3. Take the time to play games or color. This allows your brain to not only work on something completely different but increases your ability for creativity and mental agility. Just 10-15 minutes is beneficial.

4. Ensure you’re not isolating yourself. Share how your feeling about the changes around you and explore with someone you can confide in and brainstorm ways you can adapt and grow from these new opportunities for how you can adapt and grow

5. Commit to learning something new every week or month, depending on the complexity. When we commit to continuous learning, we stretch our minds and become more bendable.

In a fast-changing world, you can benefit from slowing down to build the capacity and resiliency to weather the change over the long-term. Spending time feeding your mind as well as finding creative outlets helps create mental agility.

Just as critical is self-care. Take breaks, walk, exercise, meditate, stretch, etc.

Whatever feeds your energy and will refresh your soul.

The more bendable, flexible, and mentally agile you can become, the easier it will become for you to see the benefits from change and help those who are also impacted. Building your capacity for change will help you lead teams that thrive through change.

Final thoughts…

Change is ever-present. Challenging yourself to become balanced, connected, and willing to embrace new expansive ideas that will have you cultivate a mindset for change.

It isn’t going to get slower. It can become more manageable if we focus on becoming balanced, connected, and expansive in our mindset about change.

Practice your flexibility by picking one small shift that will help grow your resiliency and grit.

Master yourself to master a changing world and Shine Brightly!

Samantha Johnson, Lead Writer and Organizational Strategist for BJD Leadership Training & Team Development. January 2019. Views my own.

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I am a fierce advocate for women, and men, especially in business. I want you bright wonderfully talented people to find your voice, be confident and change the system from within.

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