A World of Endless Opportunities

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Thomas Edison

Stuck in a Rut…

Life tends to hem us in. We add experience after experience, and we slowly, unknowingly narrow our view and don’t see that opportunities are everywhere.

As a child, we have tons of creativity. We see a dirt pile, and it is a mountain to climb. We see a pond, and when it freezes in the winter, it becomes a skating rink, skates or no skates.

When clouds floated by, we laid on our backs, only to see dragons and horses and any number of endless shapes that we brought to life in our imaginations.

But something happens as we learn the ropes of life. We find that our endless imaginations, our creative energy, slowly and surely get curtailed.

We slowly slip into a comfort zone, shaped by a low hum of fear, and solidified by our experiences that narrow our beliefs in who we are and what we are capable of.

Rules, Rules, Rules…

It isn’t intentional; it is how the rules get applied. How we get told whether we can or cannot do something.

Over time, we end up being a fraction of ourselves and amble through the boundaries we have been given, and ones we have just accepted.

But what if we tossed much of that aside and saw the world as boundless opportunities, shaped by our unique talents and creativity?

Breaking Free …

What makes a person take on an entrepreneurial mindset? Why do they see the world in a way that anything can happen and are comfortable with more risks?

I am not sure I have the answer to that, but I have a few thoughts on the environments that create more creativity and support to be authentically you.

So here are some thoughts:

  1. As Shakespeare wrote, “to thine own self be true. The more we know ourselves, and feel comfortable with our inherent gifts, the better we are at bringing our authentic selves to the forefront. Taking time to think back to when you were a kid, exploring what you really liked and then reflecting how that aligns to the life your leading now.
  2. Explore innovation through trying new and different things. Being uncomfortable in new things, pushes you to create something new, and also determine if you like it or not. This then helps you focus on what you would like to do to drive happiness, energy and passion
  3. Make your own path. Many view their careers as locked into a job description, instead of a framework to operate within. When you collaborate with others around you, including your leaders, there are often many opportunities that are offshoots and can play towards your next opportunity.
  4. Business is evolving extremely fast, so the roles that exist today, are not what they will be tomorrow. Take time to explore the trends and invest in building new skills. Take a risk and, again, try something new.
  5. Passionately pursue the things that create energy for you. Ensure you have enough of that fueling you and your creativity.

I have had roles that did not feed my energy, like starting out my career as a file clerk at a bank, in a room that was off the beaten path. It was isolated and as an extrovert, I thought I was going to go out of my mind, not being able to see and talk to people.

However, I also saw an opportunity to do that job really well, create capacity and barter to learn new stuff. The bank was more than willing to have me help out in other things.

After 5 years, I was leading their IT organization. That would not have happened if I wasn’t investing in not only seeing, but also activating the opportuntinites around me.

Final Thoughts

There is a saying that if it is meant to be, it’s up to me. I think of that a lot when I am looking to shape my own opportunities and find creative ways to provide value. To me it is about momentum to continue to be out of my comfort zone.

Starting this blog was way outside of my comfort zone, but here I am feeling better and better about it each week. My writing is seeming to get better, which is allowing other aspects of my life to get better, as I explore a new facet of myself.

We have many more opportunities than we think and believe. It takes us to look outside the walls, so to speak, and construct frameworks to operate in. We have to be bold in challenging our status quo and pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

Humans are creative beings. We are also inherent problem solvers. However, we forget this as we end up plodding along trying to conform to what society leads us to believe.

Once you unshackle your mindset, you do start to see the world very differently.

If you want to change your world, start with shifting your mindset to one of growth and opportunities.

Unlock your creativity and Shine Brightly!


Published by Samantha

I am a fierce advocate for women, and men, especially in business. I want you bright wonderfully talented people to find your voice, be confident and change the system from within.

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