Finding Peace in Times of Uncertainty

“You have brains in your head,

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”

Dr. Suess

Extraordinary Times…

These certainly are extraordinary times that we are all navigating.

Without prior experience and a lack of certainty, it is hard to find peace from constant worry, anxiety, and even depression thinking about what might happen next.

As an extrovert, a lack of social interaction, in person, is very hard. It weighs my energy down. And it is easy to feel depleted.

Therefore, I have found other ways to feed my energy.

When I feel lost, with no rubric to rely on, I remind myself that as human beings we are resilient and we are at our best when we come together under stressful times. When we focus on mental well being and expressing gratitude, we can calm the inner turmoil.

Navigating ….

This week, here are some ways that I navigate uncertainty and what I am grateful for.

Navigating uncharted waters:

  • Keep a schedule: I find staying on a routine schedule helps me to feel a sense of normality and also something I can control.
  • Exercise: I have taken this opportunity to focus on getting my steps in and starting some strength training
  • Meditation: I meditate daily to gain perspective and clarity
  • Reach out: I make time to reach out to check on family and friends.
  • Social media: keep up to date on my broader network of friends and colleagues.
  • Limit news: I found the news to be anxiety-producing and very unhealthy for me. So now I limit and only read it to keep up to date.

Finding Gratitude daily:

  • as noted above, meditation is a great way to connect to gratitude.
  • I am grateful that I have an employer that is doing everything they can to help their employees, customers, and stakeholders.
  • I am grateful that I have a spouse who is supportive, loving, and a great balance for me.
  • I am grateful that my family is weathering this with health and grace.
  • I am grateful for my friends who are so supportive
  • I am grateful for the extra time in the day without a commute. This has allowed me to write and reflect more keeping me mentally engaged and healthy
  • I am grateful to all the brave and caring medical and emergency response workers that are entering this pandemic with grace, determination, and compassion.

Final thoughts:

If you are feeling like a boat being cast about in a raging sea, take heart and know that you are not alone.

Take time to just breathe. It is going to be okay. As humans, we are resilient, perfectly designed to adapt, and more radiant together.

Use this time to find your inner strength and Shine Brightly!


Published by Samantha

I am a fierce advocate for women, and men, especially in business. I want you bright wonderfully talented people to find your voice, be confident and change the system from within.

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