Transformation is a Journey

“Transformation isn’t sweet and bright. It’s a dark and murky, painful pushing. An unraveling of the untruths you’ve carried in your body. A practice in facing your own created demons. A complete uprooting, before becoming.”

Victoria Erickson

The Awakening…

It wasn’t too long ago, that I lost my sight for where I wanted to go in my career. It was so unlike me as my goals had always been clear and my journey laid out in front of me.

But my journey became clouded as I started to doubt myself, doubt my capabilities and doubt my capacity to lead and grow. I also let negativity seep in and began to believe what some people, who did not have my best intent in mind, were saying to me about my limitations or their perception of me.

I had let negativity into my mind, and it took hold. I let myself ver off course and become someone I am not, and I didn’t shine with my authenticity.

This was such a powerful lesson to me. It highlighted to me that anytime your true authentic self cannot shine, especially when it is positive and filled with optimistic energy, it is time to recalibrate!

This can happen to anyone, even the most confident person. For women, it is already hard enough with our own critique and doubts. And when you get criticized by other women, it holds more weight somehow, especially when those women are more senior to you. As female leaders we have a higher standard that we are held to and we should be ensuring that we can lift others up, both men and women. However for women, we should be making space and having meaningful conversations to help us all grow and win together.

If your feeling off kilter, or maybe seeing the world in a negative light, it is time to take a deep breath and recalibrate your energy.

It it critical to be very careful what energy you feed yourself and that includes who you bring into your circle.

The Power of Positivity…

Positivity is a never ending fountain of bright energy that can make your heart sing, your relationships deeper and your work more fulfilling. However, it needs to be feed and carefully cultivated. That means you have to have time for yourself to check in and see how you are really feeling and listening to the voices around you.

I start everyday with 10 minutes of guided meditation and then another 5 min of reflections on gratitude. I think about how I want to share that gratitude with others every day, with a simple thank you or highlight how great someone achieved a milestone. It really takes no extra time to be mindful to share positivity and positive feedback.

And even when feedback is constructive, it can be done in a positive way to help someone grow, not feel bad about the situation.

Learning Through the Journey….

Through this journey, getting back to my true purpose and passion, I have learned a few things I would like to share:

  1. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt
  2. If feedback isn’t given with a pure intent of helping, know it isn’t for you. If there is a nugget to consider then take it, but don’t take feedback as the gospel. Seek more input.
  3. Look closely at who you are around. Are they negative or do they see things as always a victim? Try to help them, but don’t let them infect you. Theses people are often called Energy Vampires. Don’t let them steal your joy!
  4. People will be intimidated by your positivity and success. Know that their lack of confidence will have them do some not so nice things to steal your joy. That is their burden not yours. Don’t take their monkey!
  5. Always take the high road, no matter what. It may feel like it costs you in the short term, but in the long-term it will be the gold standard for all leaders and those on your team.

Through self-care, great advice and support, re-gaining focus and my natural resiliency, I was able to reawaken myself to all I am and to remember how grateful I am for gods grace, my health, my family, my dear friends and a compassionate heart.

My altruistic nature and positivity are my gifts, and also what most don’t expect from others.

Final Thoughts …

When I finally had the capacity to listen to my inner energy again, I wrote this:

“When I finally let go of who they said I was, I became who I was meant to be!”

That is when I knew I had transformed to the next chapter in my life and become myself again.

I wish you all growth and understanding, peace in yourself and the full awareness to Shine Brightly!


Published by Samantha

I am a fierce advocate for women, and men, especially in business. I want you bright wonderfully talented people to find your voice, be confident and change the system from within.

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