Five Ways We Can Take Time to See Others

“Just as ripples spread out when a pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching impacts”

Dalai Lama

Traveling again

I was traveling recently for work; I know rare these days, right?

Anyway, I had an experience that reminded me how important it is to take the time to see people and have an awareness of their needs.

I was seeking breakfast, and the only place open, given the restrictions, was a deli. I had finished my morning walk, and at 7 am, when they opened, promptly walked in, starving for food.

I had been to this deli the day before, so I knew what the options were and could order right away.

Observe and you will see

As I entered the young man operating the counter was halfway towards the drink machine, to get a cup of soda. When he saw me come, he immediately turned around and headed back. And I immediately said, please get your drink because I have to figure out what I want.

This young man was so relieved and happy, but he was also surprised that a customer would be accommodating.


He comes back, takes my order, and all I have is my phone, and they don’t take Apple Pay. He said, don’t worry about it, I got this for you.

Well, I thanked him but declined and said I could be right back with my credit card, just put the order on hold and I will be right back.

Behind me was a man, quite impatient, and I saw him roll his eyes at the blonde with no money. He started moving side to side. I didn’t let it phase me. I just finished my conversation, thanked the young man, and went to get my credit card.

When I returned and paid, he not only had my order in the works but when it was ready and I was over getting my coffee, he walked it over to me and said Ms. Samantha, I have your breakfast and gave me a big smile. I thanked him again and wished him a great day.

Another man standing next to me looked at me, surprised like he wanted to know why I was getting such treatment. He then started talking to me in a friendly way!

5 ways to make a difference to others

Here are five things that we can all do to slow down, observe others, and show compassion and kindness.

  1. Remember that you’re not the center of the universe. Your time is no more valuable than anyone else’s.
  2. See people, really see them. If they have a basic need, try to ensure that need is met, even if it is just being patient.
  3. We are all human and need to remember that the gift of our humanity is compassion and kindness
  4. It takes no extra time to be kind. This is a lesson my mum taught me and ingrained in me.
  5. Don’t be a jerk period. Don’t make someone else’s day crappy because of your attitude. It is easier to uplift others.

Slow it down

When we rush hither and yon, we miss the moments where compassion, patience, and kindness will have a ripple effect.

That young man was not a morning person, but he was working and trying to be. He was so courteous and reminded me of one of my nephews at his age. Just a young man, working at adulting 🤣

Final thoughts

Spend time thinking about the ripples you are creating in the world around you. Are they ripples that will be part of your legacy, your story that you’re proud of? Are you braving the world with compassion and kindness, or are you stomping through it like an ogre?

Light will always cast out the darkness, and darkness will always try to push out the light.

The world is in turmoil on so many levels, and it can be overwhelming as to what impact a single person can have.

I believe if enough individual send out positive ripples, we will cast out the creeping darkness and lift all humanity.

Keep Shining Brightly!


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One thought on “Five Ways We Can Take Time to See Others

  1. I love this story, Samantha! Life is so much more interesting when we are intentional and strive for purpose. It’s just hard sometimes to remember to slow down and do just that. Look at the ripples you created in only a few moments at that deli! Thanks for sharing!


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