Hello, Why am I blogging?

Passionate about helping others realize their dreams. I want you bright wonderfully talented humans to find your voice, be confident and bold. I strive to unleash everyone’s potential.

I noticed that many things written on this topic really don’t speak to emerging leaders, especially women.

Have you read some of the works of these amazing kick ass accomplished women? Their accomplishments are a bit intimidating, like how did they do that? It all seems so unattainable.

This blog will bring some practical, gritty, real stories from my life, to include being an executive leader. I want to inspire you to embrace all your imperfections, strengths, wonder, and also to remember to laugh out loud. You’re on a wonderful journey! You’re the master of your own destiny, you can accomplish anything you believe in.

I hope to ignite your inner fire, heart, spirit and just plain awesomeness of what kick ass women bring to the table in business and everyday life. I hope to help you harness your passion, find your voice, lead authentically and live meaningful lives. What you can expect from the stories:

  • Imperfection, there will be typos.. not apologizing
  • Failures, yeah I have, and still have many
  • Gritty Realities, what they don’t tell you
  • Funny Situations, those things that you can laugh about now
  • Real Life Stories, yup, got some of these too!

This is based on my experiences and my interpretations of life, and hope that I will also have some guest kick ass women to share their real, gritty stories in this blog. I welcome all comments and feedback so we can all learn and share experiences.

Just remember, whatever your going through, you are not alone!

All the Best, Samantha

I aim to post once a week on Friday’s.

A little about me:

I currently serve as a Vice President at Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina. In this role, I lead talented enterprise support teams that plan and execute over $350M in strategic initiative investments. I have had the pleasure of leading operational, technical and sales support teams, through my career.

Through equity, inclusion and diversity, we can drive better relationships, cultures and in the end better overall performance. A culture of authenticity, patient understanding and courageous leadership could serve us all in personal and professional environments.

I am passionate about developing talent, as well as, serving my community. While working full time, I achieved an undergraduate degree in Business and a dual masters (MBA & MHA). I am a speaker, author and coach, and I guess a blogger now as well. 🤗

The views in this blog are my own, based on my experiences and journey through this wonderful thing called LIFE!

If you follow me on any of my channels, you will also get positive messages in the morning on a daily basis.

Shine Brightly!

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